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04 Jun VC Term Sheet Lingo

To help those legalese challenged, we took the 10 most common terms found in a typical Venture Capital (VC) term sheet and tried to explain them very simply.  Many of these terms can take on many different meanings, though, so we tried to use the...

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15 Mar UPDATE: Carried Interest. Inter-Partner Loans

As a follow-up to our recent post regarding the proposals to tax carried interest as ordinary income, there is a significant tax planning opportunity for service partners (partners actively providing services) who have inter-partner loans.  Our discussion covers President Obama’s American Jobs Act of 2011...

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22 Jan Stop! Think Before You Incorporate

We work with a lot of college student entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs and first-time entrepreneurs.  We are often asked “..should we incorporate or form a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)?”  Sometimes, these entrepreneurs have visited a lawyer first, and have already incorporated or formed an LLC. Based on...

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