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We were an early adopter of unBookkeeper and it fit our needs perfectly for five years. Accountalent was always there when we needed bookkeeping help. We still use Accountalent for our taxes.

Dana Dunford

Accountalent is the best firm for startups – responsive, knowledgeable, price-efficient. I worked with them in three startups and referred many of my founder friends from Stanford StartX, YC, 500 Startup accelerators.

Sahin Boydas
Remote Team

We saved thousands thanks to unBookkeeper and Accountalent’s tax services rather than using expensive services offered by accounting firms. Perfect for other startups!

Ty Wang
Angle Health

I’ve known and used Accountalent for many years across a couple of startups. They’ve been super knowledgeable, had great service and are a great fit for YC companies like our present one (Lively). Highly recommend them!

Shobin Uralil

We are a Techstars’ alumni startup and use Accountalent

Brad McNamara
Freight Farms

We used Accountalent when we were a startup and still use them for special projects.

Neil J. Parikh

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Our Guiding Principles

We abide by our core principles, incorporating a culture, ethics, and a results-driven mindset into all of our functions.

Our Culture

We are passionate advocates for startups who love watching seeds grow into industry powerhouses. Our team prizes kindness and personability, doing whatever it takes to get our clients to where they want to be.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on going to bat for our clients and constantly striving for what’s best for their business. Integrity and honesty are at the pinnacle of our company and we always have your startup’s back. We’re accountable, honest, and committed to you.

Ethics & Compliance

We help advise small businesses in matters of ethics and compliance, so it’s only right that we double-check these boxes too. Our team knows how to keep your company in good standard with all policies, wherever you are.

Diverse and Inclusive

Accountalent cutivates a collaborative, supportive environment that wishes to increase the contribution of all employees regardless of color, gender, or personal identity.


Our decision making is driven by results. Every step we take for your company is based on cold, hard data that will lead to positive outcomes.

Industry Impact

As the top choice for startup taxes, we strive for excellence, maintaining a cohesive team of financial experts that can help any startup reach the next level. We consistently stay on top of startup industry trends so we can provide you the most relevant tax and financial support.

Meet Our Team

We house a talented roster of accounting experts who love helping others. Our team is knowledgeable, responsive, and passionate about advocating for startups.

J.R. Faris Photo

J.R. Faris

President & CEO

John Fiske, CPA

John Fiske, CPA

Chief Operating Officer

Brynne Hall Photo

Brynne Hall

Customer Success Manager

Joe Faris, CPA

Joe Faris, CPA


John Jeanson Photo

John Jeanson, CPA

Director of Business Dev

Mike Melia

Mike Melia

Head of R&D Credits

Nancy Howard

Nancy Howard, CPA

Senior Tax Manager

Eloi Miranda Photo

Eloi Miranda, CPA, EA

Senior Tax Manager

Maria Chiang Photo

Maria Chiang, CPA

Tax Manager

Fabiola Vazquez Photo

Fabiola Vazquez

Tax Manager

Dexter Banague Photo

Dexter Balangue, CPA

Director of Bookkeeping

Aizel Andrade Photo

Aizel Andrade, CPA

Accounting Manager

Lester Orbe Photo

Lester Orbe

Senior Accountant

Jonas Oleas Photo

Jonas Olaes, CPA

Tax Accountant

Albert Barawid Photo

Albert Barawid, CPA, EA

Tax Accountant

Christine Famsian Photo

Christine Famisan

Tax Accountant

Rosalyn Flores Photo

Rosalyn Flores, CPA

Tax Accountant

Marvin Platon Photo

Marvin Platon, CPA

Tax Accountant

Marc Melia Photo

Marc Melia

Tax Accountant

Our Services

We provide unlimited, comprehensive income tax and financial services for startups of all stages. Accountalent handles income tax compliance, R&D studies, and other support services to ensure you’re IRS-compliant and getting best practices across the board.

Income Taxes

Accountalent offers an annual tax subscription geared specifically to startups that covers all your income tax compliance needs. This covers 1099’s, DE Franchise Tax Reports, and Federal & State Income Tax Returns.


Accountalent’s bookkeeping is specifically tailored for tech startups. We guide you through bookkeeping setup, putting you in control of your accounts and placing us as managers. Starting at just $199 per month, we are the most cost effective solution for startups.

R&D Study

Startups are eligible for up to $500,000 in refundable R&D Tax Credits annually. Accountalent’s AI-enabled software and startup-friendly prices help you maximize your refund.

Beneficial Ownership Filing

Accountalent’s easy process flow allows for simple BOI filings with monitoring services to ensure changes are reported timely. Your trusted advisors are here for you each step of the way.

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Got questions? We’re here to help. Discuss your needs with us.