What is an R&D Study?

A research & development study is a document that records your business expenses that qualify for the Federal R&D Credit. The R&D Credit is a federal income tax credit that allows companies to get cash back for innovative R&D completed in the U.S. A study can be thought of as cheap insurance for your R&D credit claim in case the IRS ever performs an audit, saving you from having to pay back the credit plus penalties.

Do I really NEED an R&D Study?

Claiming an R&D tax credit doesn’t require a study; however you’ll want a study performed in order to defend against an IRS audit. This will save you money and a headache in the future after claiming.

What business costs qualify for R&D credit?

To qualify for the R&D Credit, only specific expenses such as direct payroll, contractor fees, computer rentals, and research-related supplies can be considered qualifying expenses. An accurate and compliant R&D study is crucial to validate your claim with the IRS, ensuring eligibility and maximizing your credit.

Why should I choose Accountalent for my R&D Study?

Accountalent has helped thousands of startups claim a combined $100M+ in refundable R&D Credits. Our specialized software helps us conduct our R&D Studies at a fraction of the cost of other firms, while also ensuring they are compliant with IRS guidelines.

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We provide unlimited, comprehensive income tax and financial services for startups of all stages. Accountalent handles income tax compliance, R&D studies, and other support services to ensure you’re IRS-compliant and getting best practices across the board.

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Startups are eligible for up to $500,000 in refundable R&D Tax Credits annually. Accountalent’s AI-enabled software and startup-friendly prices help you maximize your refund.

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Accountalent’s easy process flow allows for simple BOI filings with monitoring services to ensure changes are reported timely. Your trusted advisors are here for you each step of the way.

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