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R&D Study For Startups
Everything You Need to Know

Both the federal and most state governments have introduced programs to support innovation among new businesses. These programs offer up to $250,000 in tax credit in return for your R&D spending. It all starts with a proper, compliant study to ensure your business’ finances qualify. Accountalent’s software and analysis make sure you take full advantage to get every dollar possible.

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Why Us?

With 20+ years of experience, you’re in good hands!

End-To-End Service

From start to finish, our R&D tax experts focus on getting you the most return on your tax credits. We’ll comb through the entirety of your business‘ finances and leave you with accurate documentation of the whole process. 

Complete Process Documentation

Each step and every dollar amount is documented in our R&D tax credit service for your records. Taking note of every transaction future-proofs your business in case the IRS ever audits your company. 

All-In-One Support

Our R&D experts will take care of everything when it comes to filing for tax credits and will be able to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

R&D Tax Credit Calculator

We charge 0.75% of your total qualifying expenses. Check out our calculator to estimate how much you can claim and what our fees are.

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What’s the process for an R&D Study?

Qualifications and Quantifications

The first step in an R&D Study is finding out which parts of your business qualify for R&D tax credits and then equaling that to dollar amounts. Our accountants will familiarize themselves with your full business operations to ensure we miss nothing and document everything that qualifies. From there, we compile a list of Qualified Research Expenditures (QRE’s) such as supplies, wages, and other costs that are connected to your innovative research.

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Compile Your R&D Study

Once we have all the necessary information of what qualifies for R&D tax credits, we put together a fully detailed report with the amount of credits you qualify for, up to $250,000. With full documentation, this report includes the scope of the study, project examples, and more just past the needed credit summary.

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File and Get Paid!

After the R&D study is complete, we’ll provide you with the report so you have full documentation on-hand. If we’re handling your tax return as well, our team can help file the necessary forms with your tax return to ensure your tax credits are fully entered and processed.

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The #1 Choice for Startup R&D Studies 

Experienced Tax Analysts

We’ll walk you through the full process of qualifying for thousands of dollars in tax credits, all while documenting everything for authenticity.

No Hidden Fees

With a free consultation and fixed rates, our service can’t be beat when looking for the best R&D study provider.

Innovative Financial Tech

Our proprietary software allows us to comb through your business to ensure we get the most money for your R&D spending.

Proven Track Record

After helping thousands of startups just like you earn millions in tax credits, we’ll be able to help you earn just as much in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

While many businesses know about R&D tax credits, not many know the process of actually earning them. Below are a few FAQ’s that we’ve been able to answer for clients over the years.

What is an R&D Study?

A research & development study is a document that records your business expenses that qualify for the Federal R&D Credit. The R&D Credit is a federal income tax credit that allows companies to get cash back for innovative R&D completed in the U.S. A study can be thought of as cheap insurance for your R&D credit claim in case the IRS ever performs an audit, saving you from having to pay back the credit plus penalties.

Do I really NEED an R&D Study?

Claiming an R&D tax credit doesn’t require a study; however you’ll want a study performed in order to defend against an IRS audit. This will save you money and a headache in the future after claiming.

What business costs qualify for R&D credit?

Any costs you incur when working on new products or releases can qualify as R&D credit however the product must be of significant innovation and carry some market risk for your company to develop. If a product has already been released, bug fixes and updates on existing released software are typically not eligible for R&D credit.

How do I get two bites of the apple?

Let’s say you spend $500K on R&D development. The first bite of the apple is your tax deduction of $500K – this increases your taxable loss which is nice, but there is no immediate benefit until you are profitable and can offset those profits with your accumulated losses. The second bite is big, though. You can take that same $500K and throw it into the R&D Credit equation, which typically results in a 7% to 10% credit. What this means: The IRS sends you a check for $35K to $50K.

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R&D Study

For companies looking to take advantage of R&D credits, we are the leading firm in processing PATH Act R&D credits and can provide you an IRS-compliant R&D study at a predictable and fair price. We provide free consultations to discuss if a study is a fit for your startup.

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