Is it okay to file your Income Tax return late?

The corporate tax deadline is April 15th (for calendar year-ends) but can be extended, very […]

What are the tax deadlines?

Visit our Accountalent blog article, ‘Tax Deadlines for Your Startup‘ to mark your calendar with […]

Do I have to sign-up for bookkeeping in order for Accountalent to prepare our taxes?

No. Although we heavily recommend all startups to be on a bookkeeping platform and have […]

I’m pre-revenue, do I need to file taxes?

Yes. If you are a C-Corporation, which most funded startups are, you need to file […]

Can Accountalent scale with my startup?

Yes. We support your startup’s finances from Seed to C.

Does Accountalent charge by the hour for one-off requests?

No. Our income tax pricing is a fixed fee approach, meaning you are welcome to […]

Do you support international companies?

Yes, we support the U.S. based entity as a parent or subsidiary to the international […]