What is unBookkeeper?

unBookkeeper is Accountalent’s bookkeeping solution for early stage startups.

unBookkeeper – what’s the story with the un?

  • Un means “not”.  We feel that early-stage startups may not need a bookkeeper, as bookkeeping has evolved and much of it can be done electronically.

How does it work?

  • We spend about 90 minutes with you via Zoom and we implement QuickBooks Online (QBO).
  • We (actually you, with our direction) electronically connect your bank, credit card, payroll, etc. accounts to QBO.
  • We electronically upload all of your historical transactions, from inception, into QBO.
  • We customize the QBO chart of accounts, financial statements, etc. to your business.
  • We train you to be an expert in QBO (trust us, we have a 100% success rate on this one!).

What happens next?

  • We set up “rules” in QBO so many of the transactions (Gusto, Brex, etc.) are electronically and automatically entered into QBO.
  • You spend about 20 minutes per week accepting the electronically entered transactions (checking a box in QBO).

What else does Accountalent do for us?

  • We do a thorough quarterly review.
  • We are always available to pinch-hit or troubleshoot.

What happens if this becomes too much work for us?

  • When the transaction volume becomes too much, we transition you to a best-of-breed cloud-based bookkeeping service, like Pilot.

How much does this cost?

  • $0 if you are an Accountalent tax client.
  • $650 if you are not an Accountalent tax client.
  • No monthly fee.
  • No consulting/hourly fee (even if you mess it up badly and we need to spend a ton of time fixing it).
  • No annual fee.