Boomer: Millennials Will Be the Next Greatest Generation

I know Millennials very well – my tax practice has exclusively serviced 1,500+ tech startups that are all founded by Millennials.  I have Millennials that work for me, that I mentor at Harvard, MIT and other local Boston area colleges and have children that are Millennials.  I am part of the Baby Boomer generation.

When it is all said and done for, the Millennial generation will prove to be the next Greatest Generation.  Yes, this is contrary to the view of all of the idiots in my generation that say that Millennials have no work ethic, are selfish and all of the other self-righteous claims made by my contemporaries.

From my experience, I find Millennials to be extremely hardworking, gobble up responsibility and challenges, have very high morals and ethics, want to develop products to improve the world (often, to the detriment of their personal bank accounts), loyal to their family, friends, institutions but open to others (much unlike us Boomers) and idealistic, yet very practical.

They will be the generation to find a cure for cancer, to finally get this Washington, DC BS straightened out (we Boomers did a great job on that one, right?), greatly reduce the existing 50% divorce rate, say “screw you” to employers that want them to work 80 hours per week to the detriment of their health and families, develop great technologies and business models (don’t you just love what Uber and Airbnb are doing to the traditional industries that refused to become user-friendly?).

Will not bore you with the million examples that I can give you to support this claim.  Will wait for history to prove this point.

Just my opinion, but the more that I work with Millennials, the more optimistic I become that we are in good hands as we Boomers grow old.